Winner’s page

Congratulations to Mrs. Pamela Chimaobi.  She got the highest scores on the quiz this week (Week of October 3rd, 2020 ) and got a prize of $50  – (N20,000 ).


Ms. Pamela Chimaobi”s Testimonial
I got to know about the Holy Bible with Q&A app from my friend. He told me about the app and then he urged me to download it. I downloaded the app and I discovered that it was a very great opportunity for me to know things in the Bible. I explored chapters and passages in the Bible that I’ve never read before in my life and then I got a call this evening that I was one of their lucky winners.
 I urge you all to download the app, not just because of the money but it’s actually a great way to connect with God and a great way to know things in the Bible that you haven’t known before .

Download the  Bible with Q&A app on google play store and app store, study the bible, answer the quizzes and win cash prizes. It is that simple. Winners will be selected on weekly basis and you could be our next prize winner. 

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